brand of the FK Group

Frisokar is the foundation of the FK Group. Pioneer in the corporative seats components sector, Frisokar is the biggest investor in people and cutting edge technology. Always looking ahead of the market and with a partnership mindset towards the client.

The FK Group

Excellence in production processes

Frisokar saves no effort to bring the best in metal, plastic and injected foam with a competitive price. The constant search for technology allows this continuous improvement and it’s a passion shared by all Frisokar’s employees and clients.



We offer a range of inovative solutions in corporative seats that are the benchmark in the market, allowing our customers to embrace a variety projects, such as: airports, bus terminals, offices, churches, cinemas, clinics, sports arenas, food courts and special projects.

Chair kitts

leader in the components market

Pioneer in the corporative seating components market, Frisokar believed in this niche and has invested strongly in people, infrastructure and technology throughout over 30 years to become leader in the domestic market.